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Ray Stevens.. We The People

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This past Thanksgiving my husband and I took our two homeschooled children, aged 7 and 9, over to my in-laws home for dinner. It was a nice dinner, my mother in law makes awesome bread dressing and I always eat too much of it, lol.

While there I noticed something very interesting. My children, those kept at home and schooled unsocialized children, would approach the children of my husband’s step-siblings and speak to them in a friendly manner, and my youngest even tried to get the other young children to play with him by getting toys out and bringing them to the children. These public schooled highly socialized children looked down upon my children as if they were freaks for approaching them, and totally ignored them to stay in their little cliques to themselves.  Unperturbed, my two children then just played together by themselves.

So, okay.. I get it now. Children need to be socialized so that they too can be in cliques and recognize an inferior or outsider and treat them with the same rude disdain these two friendly, well mannered children were subjected to at a family gathering.

Well, I say NO THANKS! I’ll keep my two children just the way they are, unsocialized and friendly, well mannered little boys.

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