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Ray Stevens.. We The People

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This past Thanksgiving my husband and I took our two homeschooled children, aged 7 and 9, over to my in-laws home for dinner. It was a nice dinner, my mother in law makes awesome bread dressing and I always eat too much of it, lol.

While there I noticed something very interesting. My children, those kept at home and schooled unsocialized children, would approach the children of my husband’s step-siblings and speak to them in a friendly manner, and my youngest even tried to get the other young children to play with him by getting toys out and bringing them to the children. These public schooled highly socialized children looked down upon my children as if they were freaks for approaching them, and totally ignored them to stay in their little cliques to themselves.  Unperturbed, my two children then just played together by themselves.

So, okay.. I get it now. Children need to be socialized so that they too can be in cliques and recognize an inferior or outsider and treat them with the same rude disdain these two friendly, well mannered children were subjected to at a family gathering.

Well, I say NO THANKS! I’ll keep my two children just the way they are, unsocialized and friendly, well mannered little boys.

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An age old answer..

Pirates Attack Spanish Fishing Vessel

MADRID —  Spain’s Defense Ministry says pirates attacked a Spanish fishing vessel in the Indian Ocean but private security guards on the boat shot back and repelled the assailants.

The ministry says the Spanish ship Ortube Berria was attacked Sunday when it was 230 nautical miles southwest of the Seychelles Islands.

A ministry statement says pirates on two skiffs opened fire with small arms and a rocket-propelled grenade. After a 30-minute chase, security guards on the Spanish vessel shot back and fended off the pirates. The statement said no crew members were hurt.


Just like the bunny, these guys just keep on going. “Modern day pirates” they have been called, but unlike the pirates of old where a bounty was put on the heads on the old sea dogs, today people seem to be sitting around looking at these guys like they would an interesting bug they found on their front lawn.

Unfortunately, many don’t seem to understand that the more they get away with this modern day piracy, the more brazen they will become. Sure they claim that all they want is the money paid to free the hostages. But the more money they get, the more they will demand, and that gets paid or they begin to kill people. But then imagine if you will, they eventually decide to buy bigger boats than the little dinghy’s they use now. How about a nice speed boat, possibly one that is made to withstand shots fired at it? THEN what do you have? Now that sounds remarkably like a form of high seas terrorism to me.

I feel as bad as anyone else that where they live is poor, but just as in every nation on earth, stealing is wrong. And kidnapping people and their ship loads of cargo then demanding money for their return IS stealing. There ARE other ways to get help for their people than stealing it.

Eventually this little bug of a problem will one day be a big leach (like we don’t have enough of THEM) on the behind of man. The time has come to deal with these guys harshly just like this ship did. No questions ask, if they approach a ship they should be warned then blown out of the water. What would then happen is they would either all be killed or the ‘pirates’ left would see the others getting killed and rethink what they have planned.

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